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Your favorite panda-themed BJJ company has reissued their popular flagship Gi. Behold the Panda 2.0!

Tired of having to choose between 'too big' and 'too small'? Well, the days of the high-water Gi pants or a Gi jacket that fits more like a Snuggie and less like fight gear... are over. The Panda 2.0 is available in husky sizes and tall/slim sizes, so the search for the perfect fit has come to an end.

The jacket and pants gusset are a durable 550 gsm Pearl Weave. Pants are 12 oz. ripstop with an elastic rope drawstring. The 6-point loop system is improved with a longer guide loop that keeps the drawstring from riding over the pants.

Your purchase includes the new, updated Panda carry bag. This bag is not like most 'carry bags' that you'll get with a lot of Gis. Inverted Gear made the bag bigger, so you won't have to be trained in Origami in order to fold your Gi up and fit it in the bag. And the two straps on the bag, what are those for? They're so you can lace your BJJ belt through and instantly transform this into a shoulder sling. People, can a bag get any more awesome than that?