60 Day gi warranty

93 Brand "Bomber" Olive Green BJJ Gi


  • Custom olive green cotton fabrics!
  • 550 GSM Pearl Weave
  • 12oz canvas cotton pants
  • Unique quilted knee reinforcements
  • Ultra-soft orange shoulder lining (qulited)
  • Orange contrast seam taping (interior)
  • High-quality embroideries
  • Extra-thick collar with added rows of stitching

The Bomber by 93 Brand is one bad *ss Jiu Jitsu Gi! Featuring heavy-duty cotton materials such as 12oz canvas and 550 GSM Pearl Weave, it's built for battle. Tasteful but intricate detailing makes this a kimono for those with an eye for design.

Customized "Ground to Air" embroideries have that military-inspired look, as do the unique quilted elements (interior jacket lining and knee reinforcement panels). "Hazard Orange" lining and a drawstring add a pop of color to an otherwise dark BJJ Gi.

This Gi has all the fixings of a top shelf piece. Interior seam taping. Multiple drawstring loops. Round stretch drawstring. Full-length knee reinforcements. A wider, thicker collar. The list goes on!